“I would like to express my thanks and satisfaction with your recruitment efforts. The help from your team was instrumental in building our accounting organization. You patiently listened and understood our needs in order to efficiently find high quality candidates for us. You attained offers and acceptances in a timely manner for all the candidates we chose. You successfully met aggressive deadlines in delivering outstanding Accounting Management and staff accountants. You demonstrated genuine understanding of the attributes of good candidates and how to present them, and your follow up skills were very thorough. I also appreciated your screening process, immediate follow-ups, reference checking and consultative advice throughout the process. I look forward to working with you on future search assignments and will be happy to refer you to any professionals that could benefit from your service.” Royallen Wiley – Pulp and Paper Division at Domtar

“I highly recommend Warren Deutsch and Advance Resources. I have known Warren for over 15 years. He has successfully placed several candidates with Superfici America over the last ten years in accounting, marketing, sales, operations and administration. Additionally, years ago he placed me as an Accounting Manager! Warren is smart, positive, persistent and flexible. He takes the time and has the talent to fully understand our business and our hiring needs. He then delivers well-screened, on-target, hirable candidates quickly. He pre-closes candidates ensuring prompt acceptances, which accelerates the process. I highly recommend the services of his firm.”David Schurr – Superfici America, Inc.

​”I have known Warren for over 10 years. He has been a true partner and does a superb job in recruiting for us. He is fast and always goes the extra mile in placements. He listens well to our needs, and has a unique ability to quickly find us several spot-on matches, thus efficiently and promptly filling our critical needs with excellent candidates he placed, both in the Information Technology and Accounting job functions in multiple locations. I highly recommend his professional services.”Peter Vinci –  DNP Imaging

“Warren is one of those few people that you can trust. His approach is open and receptive. His work is steady and reliable. Best of all, he talks to you straight. I’ve been around a lot of recruiters. Warren is one of the good guys. If you are an accounting, finance or IT professional, I heartily recommend him.”David Pinkley –  Pinkley Global LLC

​”I have known Warren for over ten years, and he was an outstanding recruiter for Pillowtex in terms of his resourcefulness in landing the right candidates for several of the company’s key Finance positions. Also, he was instrumental in counseling and supporting so many Pillowtex Finance employees who were dealing with the difficulties of the company’s bankruptcy and proactively assisting them land jobs subsequent to the bankruptcy. His tireless dedication, commitment and encouragement to others during this time, including his willingness to be onsite with employees in group sessions, will always be warmly remembered.”Thomas D’orazio –  TOSHIBA Global Commerce Solutions, Inc

​”Warren did an excellent job in sourcing good candidates for me on several occasions. Warren listens for underlying needs, and for what really matters to the client. Warren successfully helped me staff a new department of six analysts in just over six months, and also assisted with other hires. Warren shows the highest of integrity in his business dealings, and will reward your trust in his capabilities with outstanding candidates.”Robert Wright –  Citizens Bank & Trust

“What I liked about Warren Deutsch and Advance Resources is Warren actually went out and recruited the specialized skill set I needed. All the other recruiters I’ve dealt with just send resumes they already have. Warren actually did the work. I was very satisfied with the result. Using Warren we hired exactly what we were looking for.”Barbara Dolan – Boy Scouts of America

“We used Warren Deutsch for our specialized recruiting needs in the Audit Department of our company. We were more than satisfied with his results and hired several of his candidates over several years. Warren consistently delivered top candidates for us. He is an experienced search guy and what I liked the best was the ease of doing business with him. He listens well, knew our business and delivered pinpoint candidates. Of special note was the forensics audit specialist he recruited for us. This was a hard to find skill and he delivered a rising superstar out of public accounting very quickly. Warren was always personable to work with. There were never any surprises. The information he supplied was always dead-on. The candidates he said would accept offers did accept our offers and have worked out very nicely. I strongly recommend Warren and his demonstrated capabilities.”Brian George – Delhaise

​”Warren is a talented recruiter. His success is enabled by his long-term investment in relationships. Warren take the time to understand people’s personal and professional goals, and is able to facilitate connections quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Warren to any person or company seeking finance/accounting/tax talent.”Michael Weiss – Ernst & Young

​”I have utilized Warren to assist in the staffing of my Internal Audit department while Director of Internal Audit for Wellmen Inc. Warren listened to my needs and requirements and provided numerous candidates, all of whom were professional and well skilled based on my needs. I have utilized many search resources during my professional career. I am pleased to say I would utilize Warren in future searches as he is professional, open and listens and understands your needs. Many firms will just send an endless stream of candidate resumes many of which have none or little of the qualifications required. Warren performed the screening for me and provided all quality candidates.”Ken Jackobel –  Wellman Inc.

​”Warren is a very proactive and forward thinking talent resource professional. I had the privilege to work with Warren for over 3 years while at Delhaize Group and Warren always provided us with top notch talent. Warren always went the extra mile to present talent that was a good fit professionally and personality-wise for our team. I highly recommend Warren for all accounting or audit professional staffing needs.”Joe Wilson – Doosan

“I have worked with Warren Deutsch for several years. While I was audit director at a previous employer, Warren recruited several auditors for me. Warren listened well when I communicated the openings and quickly presented several well-qualified candidates.He was excellent in supplying pertinent information to assist my hiring decisions and securing the candidates I chose. Later, after my employer ceased operations in Charlotte, Warren as President of Advance Resources found an ideal opportunity for me as a Plant Controller for a company near my hometown in Pennsylvania. Again, Warren listened attentively to my priorities and consistently communicated relevant information. He assisted me throughout the hiring process by explaining and preparing me for every step along the way. I consider Warren an outstanding recruiter who takes into consideration all parties, creating win/win situations for all.”Guy Dipaola – Domtar

​”Warren has a knack for finding the right person for the job. We are still using his temporary to assist our closing process.”Bob Dickens – The Language Academy of the Carolinas, Inc.

​”Even though I don’t work in the Finance and Accounting fields, Warren was very helpful to me in my most recent job search. Warren was able to review my resume and made several valuable suggestions that helped me to much better define my achievements. Warren also helped me prepare for an important interview, which thanks to his help, I nailed! Warren’s help in defining my overall job search strategy, along with resume review and interview preparation, propelled me to success and was critical in helping me to land a position as a Senior Unix Administrator with the World’s largest consumer electronics company. I highly recommend Warren and the services he provides through Advance Resources.”Thomas Bernard – Apple, Inc.

​”Warren has been an excellent encouragement and professional resource during my career search in this season of transition. His insights and perspective on market trends and business conditions were very helpful in helping me to position myself for future success. He is active and out there with his finger on the pulse. I highly recommend his services.”David Vroon – Solaire Medical

“Warren Deutsch and Advance Resources were very helpful to me in securing my recent position as an Inventory and Parts Manager. Warren was very professional throughout. As a recent veteran of the United States Marines Corps, I was uncertain about the civilian job market. Warren put me at ease, asked thought provoking questions and listened attentively during his interview with me. At his suggestion, I was able to enhance my resume including documenting several awards I had won while with the Marine Corps. He guided me every step of the way through the process. I truly appreciated him “being on my side.”Shea Buckner – Greenstone Media