We recognize that every hiring decision is critical to future business success. We follow a unique, comprehensive process with multiple checks-and-balances. This ensures we help minimize the risks and recruit candidates who are not available through traditional recruiting methods.

Research: We will understand your business and your hiring specification. We will listen and gather information to understand the technical and interpersonal qualifications required for success. We will be knowledgeable of the competitive and other business pressures you face.

Efficiency: We will present to you only the top candidates who are fully qualified, available, sincere and consistent and who would be an excellent fit. If we discover any risks during the process, we will identify those for you. We also provide full reference check information.

Guarantee: We offer a guarantee period significantly longer than industry norms.

Communication: We will consistently communicate with you in a concise, prompt and clear manner. We will keep you informed of the status throughout the search assignment. We will clarify in advance your preferred communications means.

Confidentiality: All information will be held in confidence.

For more information about our select finance and accounting positions, please call (704) 274-9127 or email: warren@advance-resources.com