WHAT WE DO: Finance, Accounting, Technical and Operational Recruiting

You and your company have made the decision. You’re ready to hire and you want the new person on-board NOW. When the needs are critical do you want to turn to the job boards or the shotgun approach of advertising? While it will likely result in a stack of resumes on your desk, is that what you really want? Do you want to work at your business or on your business?

Advance Resources specializes in locating and securing talented people who fit your needs and complement your company’s culture. Studies show the most successful hires happen when the chemistry between company management and a new hire “clicks.” Advance Resources uses techniques to provide you these great fits, and we stand behind every placement.

We save you time and money by presenting a select list of superior candidates screened as the best choices. We help you quickly secure the best candidate. This is in direct contrast with burdening you with a pile of applicants who may be under or over qualified, not interested, unavailable, outside the pay range or who waste your time by turning down offers or start and then quickly move to another company.

We uniquely accomplish this with:

Timely, relevant and honest communication throughout the process.

Trust that is earned and relationships that are developed by us demonstrating competency, intentionality, care and doing what we say we’ll do.