Even before you start interviewing you should have your references prepared. Dependable, effective references can be of assistance. Analyze who you will approach. Typically, employers want references who were your

manager in recent positions. It is expected that you should be able to supply three to five business references with at least two being prior Managers. If you are earlier in your career colleagues or college professors will suffice. Make sure your references are individuals that can comment on your qualifications for the job. Take into consideration the reference’s ability to communicate. A reference may think highly of you, but unless they can verbalize it to the employer, the employer may walk away with a different opinion. Once you decide someone would be a good reference, ask them if they would be willing to be a reference. Let your references know in advance when and by whom they will be contacted, the kind of position you are interviewing for and the skills and background needed. Develop a list of at least three to five professional references and have the list available to give to prospective employers when asked for them. Do not give the list out prematurely. You want to save your references for when you need them.