Behavioral-based interviewing is becoming increasingly popular with companies. It is based on the premise that the best indicator of future success is past performance. Although it is not the only indicator, as a predictive tool,

past performance demonstrates the strongest correlation to future success.

Therefore, the most effective selection techniques tend to be anchored on an exploration, in behavioral terms of the candidate’s past performance. Evolving from this approach is the most efficient assessment technique – the structured, behaviorally based evaluation interview. It combines many different questioning techniques to accomplish its predictive objective. It is a flexible approach that must be adapted to each individual situation.

Behaviorally based questions are individually designed to uncover the candidate’s experience in solving problems, handling challenges, and producing results and it relates to that position. Typically they begin with one “broad” question and are followed by “probing” questions designed to get even more detail.

In answering behavior based questions it is best to use the “STAR” approach. Situation, Task, Action, Results. Listen to the question; describe the situation, the task, the action you took and the end result(s). Always provide results for this is when you truly sell your skills to the potential new employer.